Our Conveniences

Let’s face it, auto repair and maintenance is just inconvenient.  It interrupts our day and sometimes is just needed at the wrong time.  So, at Associated Auto Repair, we strive to make things a little easier on you.

Associated Auto Repair Covina's Staff and Shop Group

Our Automotive Service Staff is here to give you faster service that is done right the first time!

Same Day Service is a Top Priority!

At our auto repair shop, we do all we can to get your car’s service done on the same day.  We know how important this is so we have organized our company and our relationships with parts suppliers to facilitate this priority.  The huge majority of all cars that come in for service leave the same day.

It is important to point out that some situations simply require your vehicle to be here more than one day.  For example, when a part is not immediately available from a local supplier, or when the repair requires numerous hours of work and just can’t be completed in one day.  Frankly, though, those issues are the exception and not the rule at our shop.

We Give You a Ride with Our Shuttle Service

At our shop, there’s no reason to arrange a ride, just schedule your service, come in and we’ll drive you to your office or home.  Then, when your car’s repair or service is completed we’ll come and pick you up.  This way you don’t have to arrange a ride with a co-worker, friend or family member.  (Local coverage area, please ask your service advisor about your needs).

Online Appointment Request

We know how it goes, you often don’t think of calling us to schedule an appointment during the day.  Well, we can help with our online appointment request form.  Tell us about your needs and your contact information on the form and press submit.  When our service advisor gets in the next morning, we promptly respond by email or phone – your choice.

Faster Check in and out

If you’re used to taking your car to the dealerships for service, you’ll love our shop.  We do things much faster and with greater personal care than most dealerships can offer.  We have organized the shop so that when you come to drop off your vehicle, or pick it up, we can get you out right away.  Additionally, because of our size, you can even speak directly to the technician that serviced your car to ask questions.

Associated Auto Repair Covina's Staff and Shop Factory Scan ToolsOne Stop, Full Service

No need to go to different shops for the different automotive services, we handle it all.  This allows you to build a strong relationship with us, and we truly get to know you and your vehicles.  This sort of strong relationship allows us to meet your specific needs better for the long term.  And, with our goal of helping you save money and avoid breakdowns through preventative maintenance, we serve you better than most shops out there.